In Ventura County, CA.

Who We Are

Holistic care is the aim of KoKua Wellness, a rehabilitation and detox facility designed to make patients feel at home.

Where To Find Us

Located in the middle of Ventura County, this facility has all the comforts of home and is a home away from home for those in need of kindness, compassion, and healing.

We Understand YOU

Here at KoKua Wellness, we know how challenging it is to overcome addiction; that’s why our professional staff establishes a warm and welcoming environment where each client receives care based on his or her individual requirements and challenges.

KoKua’s Mission

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, effective treatment to those suffering from substance use disorders who may be looking for a healing experience that is still affordable and practical.

Why Evidence-Based Therapy

Evidence-based therapy is the gold standard when it comes to mental health wellness, as these treatments are tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs. In our therapies, we are focused on these evidence-based treatments to ensure successful results for our clients.

Evidence-Based Therapy

KoKua’s Vision

Addiction is complex, and like any other disease, treating the symptoms is not enough. We understand the fact that we can not eliminate addiction from the globe, but we can be a small ripple of hope initiating from Ventura County to create a stream of hope for those who are pathless and need guidance in a home-like and compassionate environment.

All Starting From Ventura

Hence our vision is to lead the fight against addiction starting from Ventura County and to best serve the community with a blend of clinical care and compassionate, holistic treatments.

Start Your New Life

KoKua Wellness was established by Mike Bradshaw and Randy Flores with the goal of assisting people in making a fresh start. KoKua wellness consists of an altruistic mindset characterized by a desire to aid others and maintain social harmony. Just getting in touch is half the battle; we'll handle the rest.

What Makes Us Different

Here at KoKua Wellness, we aren't concerned about providing anything fancy, but we are sure that. Natural and raw, the palm trees, beaches, and sunsets of Ventura will radiate a welcoming sense of familiarity. To help you feel fresh and new again, we want you to feel at ease, protected, and connected with nature on your journey of transformation.

It Starts With You And Ends With You.

We know that treatment isn't about being the best or giving you something that makes you feel like you're on a grand journey. But at KoKua Wellness, only you are important to use. Because of this, we use both treatments that have been proven to work, and along with that, we provide you with a more caring approach in which you are seen first as an individual of our big family. Our team is made up of licensed and certified experts who are experienced, smart, and empathetic.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide evidence based, effective treatment to those suffering from substance use disorders with kindness, compassion, and expertise.

Our vision is to lead the fight against addiction in Ventura County and surrounding areas and serve the community with top notch clinical care. We strive to provide the best evidence-based practices, combined with kindness and compassion to help those that suffer from addiction.