Our Drug Addiction Treatment Services

At Kokua, we provide compassionate and evidence-based drug addiction treatment services tailored to help patients regain control and embrace a path toward lasting recovery.

Kokua Wellness Centre, based in Ventura County, California, is an addiction center renowned for its home-like environment and equal attention to each client. Their services include medical detox, residential substance use treatment, and individual and group therapy, offering a comprehensive approach to recovery. Clients receive personalized care and support throughout their transformative journey, empowering them to overcome addiction and embrace lasting change.

Kokua Wellness Medical Detox

Detox is an essential first step on the road to recovery. When you use drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time, dangerous and harmful toxins build up in your system. The detoxification process works to eliminate these toxins and free you from your physiological dependence on alcohol or drugs. Once you are free of the physiological addiction, your body and mind are prepared for the therapeutic work that follows in the next stage of treatment. Contact us today if you want to know more about detox.

Medical Detox

When you’re abusing a substance, the idea of quitting can be overwhelming, if not downright terrifying. Kokua Wellness, a holistic treatment center for addiction, wants to remove as much of the noise as possible to ensure a safe on comfortable detox. The importance of a medically supervised detox cannot be overstated. Detoxing without medical supervision can lead to sever and life-threatening symptoms. Kokua Wellness provides a medically supervised detox with a professional treatment team in a home-like environment.

Helping men and women recover from addiction

Residential Treatment

Kokua Wellness offers a comprehensive residential treatment program in a home-like environment with a small number of clients. Being in treatment can be scary and uncomfortable and we value the bond that is created between clients in treatment. The residential program at Kokua Wellness substance abuse treatment programs will include being under the care of our licensed medical doctor, weekly sessions with our licensed psychiatrist, weekly sessions with a therapist and case manager, daily group therapy, and family therapy. Clients in our residential program will participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychosocial education.

Individual & Group Therapy

KoKua Wellness tackles treatment plans for substance abuse with effective and compassionate group therapy, promoting genuine communication and social interactions in a safe and serene environment. Our individual therapy sessions provide top-notch care within a private, nurturing setting, fostering honesty, vulnerability, and personal growth with the guidance of highly trained professionals. Our specialized programs also offer treatment for addictions, supporting individuals on their journey to recovery and transformation


Aftercare Planning

Nestled in scenic California, Kokua Ventura Recovery Center stands proud as the acclaimed facility, Providing you with the best treatment plan for substance abuse, our transformative journey begins with dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment, leading to a new design for living. Aftercare planning ensures continued success, with a tailored blend of sober living and empowering outpatient treatment. Embrace life's possibilities with Kokua Wellness by your side

24-hour oversight by professional Medical team

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we treatment co-occurring disorders

We treat Co-Occurring

Kokua Ventura Recovery Centers is proud to be chosen by Newsweek and Statista as the “Best Addiction Treatment Center in California” for our dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse 37.9% of adults with substance use disorders also suffer from a mental illness. We employ a psychiatrist to address medication for mental health and offer weekly sessions. Kokua Wellness provides therapy on the group and individual level that addresses co-occurring disorders. After that add the side effects

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