Individual Therapy and Group Therapy in Ventura, California

Every healing journey is different, and you can get what you feel comfortable with. Seek individual counselling, individual therapy or recovery with a community in a place where both comfort and help are all around.

Group Therapy

One of the core components of KoKua Wellness is group therapy, which is conducted in such an effective and compassionate way that it welcomes great social interactions and genuine communication. Our experts at Kokua Wellness ensure that the journey you experience together is safe and serene so that at the end of the therapy, you feel accomplished and relaxed within yourself.

Group Therapy​

Empowering Self-Awareness and Lasting Transformation in Group Therapy

In our group therapy sessions, we guide you on a transformative journey toward greater self-awareness. Through active participation in discussions and peer feedback, you develop profound insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This heightened awareness empowers you to better understand how your choices affect both yourself and those around you, leading to lasting changes in how you relate to others.

As you progress through our program, this growing understanding fosters deeper self-reflection, allowing you to address problematic patterns and move forward on your road to recovery.

Heal together as a group, as a community, and find a new life with new connections to come with it!


At Kokua Wellness, we believe that honest conversation is key to true growth and transformation. That's why each of our clients receives top-notch care within a private, nurturing setting designed to promote openness and vulnerability. Led by highly trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping individuals overcome troubles, our individual therapy sessions seamlessly combine gentle guidance and compassionate support.

These collaborative experiences complement our effective detoxification services and specialized treatments, laying the foundation for long-term recovery and overall well-being. You owe it to yourself to experience the confidence, strength, and inner peace that arise during our life-altering journeys together.

Seek healing, dual diagnosis treatment, and much more with an individual therapist in one-on-one sessions.