Kokua Wellness Admissions Process

What to Expect

You’ve made the decision to start a new way of living, now what? Most programming happens inside the treatment center so it is recommended that you bring comfortable clothing. Pack as if you are taking a 10 day trip to a beach town. Bring clothes for the beach, hiking, and normal wear for day to day. We strongly discourage bringing any valuables, jewelry, or large amounts of cash.

What to Bring

Photo ID
Insurance Card
All current medications
Ear buds for music
Toiletries and hygiene products (must be alcohol free)
Tooth brush and toothpaste

What not to bring

Any alcohol or drugs of any kind
Valuables, jewelry, large amounts of cash
Unopened vapes (all vapes must be sealed)
Hair dye, nail polish, polish remover Sharp objects such as nail clippers, knives, tweezers, scissors, etc.
Candles, incense, or anything that burns
Weapons of any kind
Cigars/Black and Milds
Drug paraphernalia Pornographic material