An Evidence Based addiction treatment program in Ventura County, California, offering A home-like setting and compassionate staff.

Give yourself a new way of life. We offer a home-like setting and compassionate staff.

An Evidence Based Addiction Treatment Program In Ventura

Kokua Wellness, an addiction recovery center in Ventura, California

You can find kindness, compassion, and healing in a setting that evokes the comfort of your own home in the center of Ventura County. We at KoKua Wellness are aware of how challenging and overwhelming addiction can be. We want you to know that you are not alone and that there is reason to be optimistic about the future. Every client receives individualized treatment that is tailored to their specific requirements and challenges by our team of experts, who create a community that is secure and supportive.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

You will have access to tried-and-true therapy techniques that are supported by research that is based on evidence when you have us by your side.

We allow you to begin your journey toward wholeness and well-being against drugs and alcohol addiction in Ventura County. Come to our addiction treatment program in Ventura County, California, and start a new life if you are looking for a place that is like a home away from home.

However, our dedication does not end there; as part of our comprehensive aftercare plans, we provide ongoing assistance to guarantee success. As you work toward a happier and healthier tomorrow, put your faith in us to be by your side every step of the way.

Helping men and women recover from addiction

Helping men and women
recover from addiction

KoKua Wellness's Medical Detox - We're Here to Help You Every Step of the Way Medical detox is a journey, and even after you've recovered, we want to treat you with the compassion, love, and care you deserve. At KoKua Wellness, our staff uses aftercare planning to ensure a better detox and long-term recovery, whereas the majority of treatment facilities in Ventura County only offer recovery.

Detoxification can lead to serious problems that could put one's life in danger if done without medical supervision; Consequently, a detox under medical supervision cannot be ignored. KoKua Wellness provides medically supervised detoxification with the assistance of a skilled treatment team in a setting that resembles a home.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease for which treating the symptoms is insufficient. We at the KoKua Wellness addiction treatment center are aware that addiction frequently has a connection to traumatic experiences, mental health issues, and other underlying factors. Because of this, we provide a full residential treatment program that addresses the person as a whole, not just their addiction. With the compassion of our staff and evidence-based treatments, our addiction treatment center is here to help you understand yourself and find healing.

Personalized Programs

Our addiction treatment programs in Ventura County, California, are made to help you learn about who you are, get over your trauma, and learn the coping mechanisms you need to live a better and sober life. Being in treatment can be alarming and awkward, and we esteem the bond that is made between clients in treatment. In a warm and welcoming setting where you can feel safe and supported on your path to recovery, we provide a variety of treatments that are supported by evidence.

We are here for you if you are prepared to begin your recovery journey. Contact us right away to learn more about our programs and how we can assist you in finding freedom and healing.

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How We Can Help You​
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How We Can Help You

Group Sessions

We believe that helping other people is the best way to help oneself. When you help others, you feel connected to them and have a sense of purpose.

We urge you to seek assistance if you are having trouble. We are here to assist you in your recovery journey.

Journeying Towards Wholeness

United Steps on the Road to Recovery

We believe in individual wellness and treatment as well as collective, community-based healing We provide a community of professionals and individuals on the road to recovery to assist you in connecting with one another and healing together!

We believe in individual wellness and treatment to ensure collective and community based healing at Kokua. We provide a community of professionals and individuals on the road to recovery to assist you in connecting with one another and healing together!


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