Help! When Do I Give Up On My Drug Addict Son?

Help! When Do I Give Up On My Drug Addict Son?

Knowing that your child is taking drugs is a heartbreaking discovery for any parent and it’s even worse if they’ve reached a stage where withdrawal seems almost impossible. Parents always envision a healthy and prosperous life for their child but these hopes are shattered when they get to know about the problem of substance abuse in their child. But there is always hope with advanced and effective substance abuse treatment programs!

When you have a son who is a drug addict, all the expectations for their bright future might come crashing down but you have to remember there’s always a way back, everyday is a new chance. You might think to yourself “when do I give up on my drug addict son?” This thought is a heart crushing reality but as long as there is space for help there’s no need to give up on your drug addict son.


Impact of Drug Addiction on Family Dynamics

The effect of drug addiction is like a ripple in water. It’s continuous and affects the entire family to the core. It can put a strain on relationships, evoke feelings of guilt and shame, hurting the family dynamics. There are many ways in which a drug-addicted son can impact the family:

  • An addicted son might have issues with behavior and responsibility. Family members feel the need to cover up for their behavior and protect them from the consequences they might face. This does not stop them from their irresponsible behavior but encourages them instead and prevents them from seeking help.
  • Parents may feel that they are responsible for leading their son to addiction leading to self-doubt in their parenting skills.  Parents find it hard to deal with the feelings of guilt and this can affect their interaction with their other children as well.
  • A drug-addicted son may require all the attention and resources of the parents. Siblings may feel neglected leading to the feelings of hatred and resentment for their brother.
  • One thing leads to another and the next thing you know is that family members are blaming each other for the drug-addicted family member.
  • A drug-addicted son does not only affect the family dynamics but also a significant effect on their relationship with outsiders. Family members might isolate themselves from the fear of judgment instead of seeking support or confiding in friends.


Setting Boundaries for Your Drug Addict Son

Enforcing and establishing boundaries with your drug-addicted son can help a lot with overcoming the strains in the family dynamics and your relationship with him. Speak to your son when he is sober so that the message is delivered when he is in his senses. Be sure to restrict him in every possible way, offer no financial help and set boundaries regarding the use of substance within the house. Emphasize the love you have for him and tell him that the boundaries you are trying to set are just out of love but their destructive behavior because of addiction is not valid. Establish consequences of the violation of these boundaries. Setting these boundaries and consequences will help you safeguard your other children and keep the family sane while they deal with an addict.

Help! When Do I Give Up On My Drug Addict Son?

Knowing When It’s Time To Let Go

Parents have their own limits. Loving a child and taking control of their life might be easy but once they reach adulthood, it becomes impossible to meddle with their lives and their addictive behavior does not accept interference. You need to understand the difference between supporting recovery and letting go of your drug-addicted son for the better.

Some addicts have very dangerous behaviors and they may lead to causing harm and being abusive. If they have become a potential threat to you and your family then you need to stop covering up for them and maybe it’s time to let them go. Save yourself and other family members. Don’t risk lives.

Substance abuse treatment programs may require a lot of financial help. Before your drug-addicted son uses up all your resources and makes you financially unstable and yet you do not see any sign of recovery, let your drug-addicted son go.

Drug addiction does not only take a toll on the mental health of an addict but it also affects you and may lead you to depression, anxiousness and other physical health problems. It’s better to let your drug-addicted son go if you are finding it hard to keep sane.



When do I give up on my addicted son? Am I a bad parent? Has my irresponsibility led to the suffering of my child? 

These are common thoughts as a parent you may have dealing with your drug-addicted son. Coping with an addict can be difficult but before you give up explore treatment options, seek professional help and try to deal with it with love and patience.


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