From Unexplained Darkness to Finding Light of Hope at the Ventura County Drug Treatment Program– a Journey

From Unexplained Darkness to Finding Light of Hope at the Ventura County Drug Treatment Program– a Journey

Life can be hard to deal with at times, but some might find healthy ways to cope with it or take some time off. However, for a few, coping might get even more challenging, and an easy escape becomes an urgent need; that’s where the excessive use of alcohol comes in. As soothing as immediate relief from the stress life throws at us may feel, it’s just as harmful once it becomes an addiction. From ruining mental health conditions to ruining your everyday life, whether it be at work or with family, alcohol consumption ruins it all. Unable to explain the void that resides in the darkness that sits within, life grows increasingly difficult to understand or even function. The misconceptions that permeate our society lead us to feel that drinking alcohol brings us solace when, in fact, it only makes our lives a living hell. In the midst of darkness is the light of hope we find at the alcohol residential treatment, where not only do we find care, but health care professionals who act as a family; not only do they understand our situation, but we also finally have someone to hear us out without being ashamed or filled with guilt.

Unveiling the hidden reality behind addiction: viewing people as a whole.

We all go through stages where we get tired of fighting with life, struggling to make it through the day, and just for once, need the peace that we plead for, and when unable to find it, we find escape instead. In that search for escape, we see the source of immediate relief: the use of alcohol and drugs.

In the Ventura County Drug Treatment Program, healthcare professionals understand how alcohol can be addicting and at what stage and conditions of life make it seem more like a need to consume it sooner or later. The soothing feeling of immediate escape from the stress of life draws the person to consume it again the next time he is found under stress; even when he wants to refrain from it, the experience from the last time makes it impossible to do so. The repetition of this process causes a man to become addicted in no time, ruining their ability to cope with life problems on their own and rely on alcohol that just brushes off their problems, making them less concerned and losing their ability to think and process clearly.

Your addiction, however, does not define you. It’s just a phase that not everyone can handle, and hence, you end up taking inconsiderate measures, resulting in a personality change, making wrong decisions, and being involved in even worse actions that you consciously might have never done.

Situations that could cause even a good person to end up ruining their life by alcohol abuse:

  • Stress and Pressure: Bad family relations, which lack emotional support during work-related stress for adults or academic stress for teenagers, make it tough to cope with the pressure and result in alcohol consumption.
  • Trauma and Emotional Struggles: The loss of a loved one or any trauma that an individual might want to escape from finds comfort in alcohol consumption. Traumas may include being molested when young, divorce from parents, seeing a relative die right before your eyes, a regret you might carry that causes emotional struggles, etc. No trauma is big or small; if it’s hard to cope, it results in an urge for escape.
  • Mental Health Issues: Both adults and teens who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders may turn to alcohol as a form of self-medication.
  • Accessibility and Availability: People of all ages may be tempted to drink alcohol due to its easy accessibility in a variety of social settings.
  • Family Influence: Alcohol use patterns in teens and adults can be influenced by growing up in a home where alcohol is accepted or used as a coping technique.
  • Peer Influence: Both teens and adults can be influenced by peers who consume alcohol, and for the sake of fitting in, it leads them to increased consumption.

How alcohol abuse can ruin your life – the deathbed

How alcohol abuse can ruin your life – the deathbed

Feeling numb is a pleasurable experience that fools you into believing everything will be okay when, in reality, you are taking your own life, disconnecting yourself from a fulfilling life that you could have had if you were aware of considerate measures.

Even though most of us are aware of the health conditions that result from the use of alcohol, we continue consuming it. Have you ever thought why so? Due to alcohol being legal in almost every country, people couldn’t care less about the fact that alcohol can cause serious damage to their health. As it grows to be more common worldwide, its effects, too, are being overlooked with time.

According to the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), In Ventura County, teens between the ages of 16 and 17 were found to be drinking alcohol on average 7.5% of the first day, and 0.6% of them still continued the consumption of alcohol by the end of the month. From kids of age 11 to adults, the majority of them have consumed alcohol. Alcohol being legal around the world has caused kids to try alcohol and refer to it as “cool.” Kids who start drinking alcohol at the age of 16 or younger are most likely to find themselves being addicted to it way before the people who start drinking by the age of 21, ultimately destroying their lives before it even begins. Kids like these most likely suffer from anxiety, depression, aggression, and panic attacks and are entirely dependent on the use of alcohol for even the most minor problems that occur in their lives. They lose the ability to solve their problems and fight against them; instead, they brush them under the rug and find solace in drinking, slowly ruining their relationships.

Adults who consume alcohol are most likely to suffer from health problems at early stages.

  • Vision, bone damage, memory loss, and sexual dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Liver diseases like cirrhosis
  • Risk of liver, mouth, throat, and esophagus cancer
  • Congenital disabilities in the offspring of females who consumed alcohol during pregnancies.


Alcohol has been linked to serious accidents that have resulted in deaths and people doing actions they would never do if they weren’t drinking. In Ventura County, one in four deadly car accidents involves drunk driving. People lose their ability to think clearly, resulting in having no self-control and feeling utterly helpless. Since 2014, Ventura County has surpassed the state of California in terms of deaths linked to alcohol consumption.

A single death could ruin families, goals, dreams, the future of their kids, the love of their life, the mental health of parents, and the entire life of an individual child if it were their father or mother who died. Life shreds right before their eyes in just a blink. Hence, it’s never too late to treat your addiction, saving relationships and leading to a healthier, fulfilling life, and this time with no addiction. As high as the rate of deaths that occur in Ventura County due to alcohol and drug abuse, they also have the most effective drug treatment programs.

The Light of Hope

The biggest step to treating your addiction is accepting your addiction and being proud to give yourself another chance for a successful, healthy, fulfilling life.

If you are at an early stage of alcohol abuse, try using alternate coping mechanisms. When under stress or in a situation you want to escape, divert your mind from it. Yes, it is hard, but is it impossible? Try exercising, going for a walk, swimming, or you could even try art.

For a heavy alcohol consumer, alcohol residential treatment, individual therapy, support groups, counseling, and drug treatment programs that include expert healthcare professionals help with long-lasting treatment.

The health professionals in the Ventura County Drug Treatment Program understand that addiction might have resulted from life struggles and problems that must have been hard to handle and do not judge you for your addictions but focus on who you are as a person, the obstacles you have dealt with and your hard work. If not, accepting and treating your addiction alone is a huge step in their consideration. They treat you with the best medicine to ensure you receive the long-lasting treatment you desire.

Here in Ventura County, the alcohol residential treatment not only provides 24-hour and seven days a week care but also provides health care professionals who are experts in analyzing the root cause of alcohol abuse and begin with fixing it. A long-lasting treatment with a safe and secure place to live, along with someone who hears and understands you at all times, away from stressors, and finally learning how to cope with life struggles and individual therapy is all the Ventura County Drug Treatment Program is known for.

Life can be challenging, but finding immediate solutions will only lead to further distress. A brighter, happier life is not far away, as it’s never too late for treatment. Find an alcohol residential treatment center and become one step closer to achieving the life you dream of – the light of hope amid darkness.


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